Dear Colleagues

I am pleased to invite you to participate in a Special Issue on new trends for financing land administration and information systems. This Special Issue is to be published in Land (ISSN 2073-445X).

While over 70% of the land area of the Earth is still without a proper land tenure security, challenges for land administration, management, and governance are growing. In response to the need to expand better land administration, we are witnessing a global trend of new ways to finance land administration, both in developed and developing countries. Today, compared with 20 years ago, there is a less direct investment by governments in their cadaster and registration systems, and more diverse funding sources from private equity and community or non-government organizations. However, many unanswered questions still remain in areas such as regulations for private investors, new technologies for data security outside government entities, and the reliability of community-led land information systems.

We invite original contributions from researchers and professional practitioners of theoretical, practical, and experimental work that are related to exploring new financing mechanisms for land administration and information systems. We are particularly interested in papers from developed and developing countries, and that explore questions around public–private partnerships. Contributions related to self-funded community organizations or non-government bodies as vehicles for land administration and information system funding are also of particular interest.

Daniel Paez, PhD

Guest Editor

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