Daniel Páez

Welcome, Daniel Páez Chair of FIG Working Group 7.2

It is a great honor to invite you to the FIG Commission 7 and 9 Annual Conference and Meeting, in Cartagena, Colombia that is taking place between 4th – 8th December 2017. This event will also host a conference focused on Cadastre for emergencies and disasters: Challenges and opportunities for islands and coastlines.

The FIG Commission 7 Annual Conference is the meeting par excellence that brings together surveyors from around the world so they can share and learn about the latest developments in cadastre and land management as well as contributing experience and knowledge in terms of their environments and individual activities.

Cartagena de Indias is located on Colombia’s north coast and it has beaches that are renowned for their beauty and tranquility. It also hosts architectural gems such as the citadels that were built in the Colonial Period that have now been restored so as tourists can experience our history. In 1984 the city was declared an UNESCO world heritage site, which made it one of the most-visited Colombian and Latin American cities.

The event’s organizers are working on an activity schedule that includes technical topics, such as fact-finding trips to coastal areas, nearby islands, and the city’s historic conservation sites, as well as a space for consolidating the bonds of friendship between the participants.